2.3 Installation Conditions

Make sure that the following 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 installation conditions are met:

  • There must be enough space for device installation.
  • Device is designed for vertical wall mounting (perpendicular to the floor) in the height of up to 120 cm above the floor. If necessary, operate device in a position other than as aforementioned for a short time only, for quick testing purposes in a servicing centre, for example.
  • Exceeding the allowed operating temperature may not affect the device immediately but leads to premature ageing and lower reliability. Refer to 
    6. Technical Parameters 
    for the acceptable range of operating temperatures and relative humidity values.
  • Device is not designed for environments with increased vibrations such as means of transport, machine rooms and so on.
  • Device is not intended for dusty environments and places with unstable humidity and abrupt temperature changes.
  • Device may not be exposed to aggressive gas, acid vapours, solvents, etc.
  • Device is not intended for direct connection into the Ethernet/Internet.
  • Device must be connected to the Ethernet/Internet via a separating active network element (switch/router).
  • Device is designed for indoor use. It may not be exposed to rain, flowing water, condensing moisture, fog, etc.
  • Device cannot be operated on places exposed to direct sunshine and near heat sources.
  • Keep some free space above and below device to allow air to flow and conduct heat away.
  • No strong electromagnetic radiance is allowed on the installation site.
  • The VoIP connection must be configured properly according to the SIP and other VoIP recommendations.
  • It is recommended that the power adapter be connected to the mains via a UPS and reliable overvoltage protection.

Wall Mounting

2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 is designed for wall mounting. Follow the steps below:

  1. Unscrew the holder-fitting screws on the device sides.
  2. Turn the metal holder slightly aside in the upper part of the device.
  3. Move the holder downwards.
  4. Fit the loose holder to the wall on the installation site.
  5. Put the device on the holder and tighten the safety screws.

Follow the installation instructions printed on the device package.

Power Supply Connection

You can feed 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 as follows:

  1. Use 12 V / 0,75 A DC power adapter (order no. 91378381E/91378381GB/91378381US)connected to the terminal board.
  2. Use an Ethernet cable connected to a PoE supply or PoE supporting Ethernet switch/router.

A successful operation is indicated by a status RGB LED or LCD display.

PoE Supply Connection

Use a standard straight RJ-45 terminated cable to connect device to the Ethernet. The device supports the 10BaseT and 100BaseT protocols. The Ethernet connection state is indicated by the LEDs placed on the RJ-45 connector.
Refer to 3.3 Device Configuration  for the factory settings of the device Ethernet interface.


  • Factory reset results in a change of the Ethernet interface configuration!
  • A defective Ethernet cable may lead to a high packet loss in the Ethernet and subsequent instability and poor video call quality!


  • Connection of a defective or improper power adapter may lead to a temporary or permanent failure of the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 unit!

Ethernet cable connectorEthernet port


  • This product cannot be connected directly to the telecommunications lines (or public wireless LANs) of any telecommunication carriers (e.g. mobile communications carriers, fixed communications carriers, or internet providers). In the case of connecting this product to the Internet, be sure to connect it via a router.

Licence Limitations

2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 can contain time-limited software licences. Refer to 3.3 Device Configuration for details. 

Firmware Upgrade

We recommend you to upgrade the device firmware during installation. Refer to www.2n.cz for the latest FW version. Refer to 3.4. Device Upgrade for the firmware upgrade procedure.