4.5 ALARM Button Test

This function informs you that the lift cabin button has is stuck.

Set the count of seconds for the button to be considered stuck in parameter 969 (ALARM button test). If this happens, the event defined via the Service Tool (Events – Jammed button) will be executed.

2N® LiftIP supports operational calls only.

  • Operational  call – the call is set up to the number set in parameters 081–088 (operational call) and transmitted via CPC Antenna, CPC KONE or P100.

From version 2.4.0 up, an event can be executed if the button has been repaired. The event related to a stuck button (operational call) can be executed. Set the parameters via the Service Tool again (Configuration – Events – Stuck button).

Operational calls are possible with this event only if CPC Antenna/KONE and P100 2N Ext are set in parameters 181–186. Make sure that the settings match the Control Panel values. Be sure to set 2N Ext in the Control Panel for CPC Antenna 2N Ext. CPC KONE or P100 will do for the other protocols (CPC KONE 2N Ext, P100 2N Ext).


  • A rather long interval is recommended for parameter 969 to avoid unintentional generation of events.
  • Recommende value: 300 s.

Parameter 990

From version 2.5.0 up, you can set operational calls (Audio error, Audio fixed) via parameter 990. Refer to Subs. 3.2 (Table of Parameters) for details.


  • If set via parameter 990 and the Event menu (script), the operational call will be set up twice.