2.1 Before You Start

Product Completeness Check

Before starting the installation, check whether the 2N® EasyGate IP package includes all the items listed below:

1x2N® EasyGate IP product
1x1x wall / DIN rail bracket

Dowel (6 mm) with screws (4.5 x 40 mm)

1xScrew for fitting the device in the holder
1xFXS cable
1xPower supply
1xBrief Manual
4xNiMH type AA, 1.2 V / min. 2000 mAh battery
1x2-pin terminal
1x3-pin terminal

Installation Conditions

  • 2N® EasyGate IP should be installed in a lockable room so that the potential risk of unauthorized access and misuse by unauthorized persons can be minimized.
  • 2N® EasyGate IP is designed for vertical mounting. 
  • Install 2N® EasyGate IP with respect to the signal strength – check the LED indicator status or display the information in the device web interface.
  • No strong electromagnetic radiance is allowed on the installation site. The installed device is intended for permanent operation with the minimum separation distance of 20 cm from the user.
  • For the allowed range of operating temperatures refer to Section 7. Technical Parameters.
  • 2N® EasyGate IP may not be operated on sites exposed to direct solar radiation or near heat sources.
  • 2N® EasyGate IP is designed for indoor use. It may not be exposed to rain, flowing water, condensing moisture, fog, etc.
  • 2N® EasyGate IP may not be exposed to aggressive gas, acid vapors, solvents, etc.
  • 2N® EasyGate IP is not designed for environments with high vibrations such as means of transport etc.
  • Make sure there is enough free space above and under 2N® EasyGate IP for cabling and flowing air to conduct heat away.
  • An improper placing of 2N® EasyGate IP or the antenna near television, broadcasting or other high-frequency sensitive devices may have an adverse affect on their functionalities.


  • Make sure that you have all equipment necessary for putting 2N® EasyGate IP in operation (SIM card, analog phone or PBX FXO port or USB-C cable for device-PC interconnection).


  • Only vertical mounting with the connectors heading down guarantees that the device is waterproof. If installed otherwise, the device may be infiltrated with water and damaged irreversibly!!!