5.1 Status

The Status folder is also used as the home page after the 2N® EasyGate IP web interface login. There is a list of 8 configurable sections to the left. Page refresh, language/password change and web interface logout can be found in the right-hand upper corner.

The Status menu clearly shows all current information on the device.

  • Firmware version – gives the firmware version uploaded to the device.
  • UTC – current time for the installation site.
  • Uptime – device operation time.
  • Network name – active SIM card provider’s network name.
  • Data – information on data connection availability (connected, disconnected, SIM error).


  • Data  Connected can be displayed in some mobile providers even in case the APN field is not completed and the Internet does not work.
  • In case the APN is completed incorrectly, Data Disconnected will be displayed and 2N® EasyGate IP will be restarted automatically in aprox. 5 minutes.
  • My2N – information on My2N connection.
  • SIP – information on SIP connection.
  • Battery status – battery status. 

SIM Error

  • SIM Error is displayed whenever a SIM card is not inserted properly or the inserted SIM card requires a PIN code. If the data status reports disconnected, it probably means that the SIM card data credit has been exhausted.