5.11.3 Test Call

The Test Call folder helps you establish a test call from the device web interface.

  • State – test call state.
  • Phone number – phone number for the test call.
    • Dial/on hook – start / end the test call.
    • Record/stop – record / stop a short test call message (up to 10 s).
    • Play/stop – play / stop the message recorded.
  • DTMF string – set the tone dialing string. 
    • DTMF play – play the tone dialing string.
  • SAVE CHANGES – save the changes to set the test call.


  • The test call function only works if the 2G, 3G or LTE phone technology is used.
  • The person on the other end is not allowed to use VoLTE, as it disables DTMF tones to be transmitted. 
  • The test call function is not supported for SIP calls.