5.2.4 WWAN

WWAN or Wireless Wide Area Network is a wireless broadband network. The WWAN network uses the network infrastructure of mobile providers for providing users with wireless connections in large areas. This folder helps you select the provider network technology via which calls are to be forwarded and enable/disable data connection. The folder displays information on ther currently active SIM cards.

  • Network Name – provider's network name.
  • MCC + MNC – country code and provider network code.
  • IMSI – IMSI assigned to the SIM card by the mobile provider.
  • ICCID – SIM card serial number.
  • Network Selection – select the required network technology.
  • Network Technology – currently used network technology.
  • Network Signalnetwork signal strength.
  • Signal Quality – will be implemented in the future.
  • Network State – current provider network connection status.
  • Active SIM Slot – display the slot in which the SIM card is inserted that allows for the current calling function.
  • SIM State – active SIM card status.
  • Turn on data – enable/disable the mobile provider’s data.


    • Mobile data are turned on by default to provide connection with Elevator Center and VoIP calls.
  • Data Connection – display the current data connection status.