5.3 My2N / Basic Settings

The 2N® My2N / Basic Settings folder informs of the connection to the My2N cloud service, administering 2N® Elevator Center for bulk management of the 2N® EasyGate IP devices.

  • Service – enable/disable device management using 2N® Elevator Center via 2N® My2N.
  • State – 2N® My2N cloud service connection status.
  • Device Identifier – identifier assigned to the Company created in 2N® My2N.
  • Device Type2N® EasyGate IP type in the 2N® My2N internal database.
  • Tunnel Servertribble tunnel URL for 2N® My2N connection.
  • Tunnel Porttribble tunnel port.
  • Certification Server – address of the knocker that is used for 2N® Elevator Center connection via 2N® My2N.
  • Certification port – certification port number. 
  • Extended Protocoldetails in the logs on the device communication with 2N® Elevator Center via 2N® My2N.