5.7.7 Others

The Miscellaneous folder helps you set the other telephony parameters.

  • RX Gain – set the receiving line gain. The default value is −2 dB.
  • TX Gain – set the transmission line gain. The default value is −2 dB.
  • Line Impedance – set the FXS line impedance.
  • Line current limit – set a line current value ranging from 15–40 mA.
  • Tone Volume – set the DTMF tone volume.
  • Enable AGC – enable/disable Automatic Gain Control for the line signal.
  • DTMF mute time – set the tone dialing mute time. Mute time is only supported for the RFC and SIP info types of DTMF.
  • Calling Party Control – use the call end signaling by CPC (Calling Party Control), during which the line current is interrupted for a while.