2.1 Before You Start

Package Completeness Check

Please check the product delivery before starting installation: Contents:

1x2N® Indoor View
2xExternal power and doorbell button terminals
1xCertificate of ownership
1x2.5 mm hexagon key wrench
1xQuick Start manual
1xdisplay cleaning cloth

Front Layout

  1. Display
  2. Microphone
  3. Speaker
  4. Anchoring holes

Backside Connectors

  1. Output for connection of an external induction loop
  2. Reset button
  3. Doorbell button input
  4. 12 V / 1 A DC power supply input
  5. Ethernet

2N® Indoor View is designed for flush mounting (brick, plasterboard, wood). Use the flush mounting box (Part No. 91378800), which is not included in the package. Alternatively, the product can be mounted into a desk stand (Part No. 91378802), which is not included in the package.


  • Before starting the mechanical installation on a selected place, make sure carefully that the preparations connected with it (drilling, wall cutting) cannot damage the electrical, gas, water and other existing wires and pipes.

Cut a circular hole in the wall of the diameter of 103 mm and depth of 50 mm before installation. It is assumed that all necessary cables of the maximum length of 25 cm will lead to the hole. Put the flush mounting box in the hole to make sure that the hole is deep enough. If the hole complies with the box size, wall in the box and level the box using a water level on the holding clips. When the mortar hardens, break off the clips and cap the box with the cover provided. Use anchoring elements to fix the device into plasterboard.

For actual fixing of the 2N® Indoor View to the flush-mount box, have the 2.5 mm Allen key which is included in the box of the 2N® Indoor View at the ready.


  • When installing the 2N® Indoor View into the wall, the local standards relating to installation of electrical devices in flammable material must be taken into consideration.