2.2 Quick installation guide

Remove the cover from the walled-in 2N® Indoor View flush mounting box. Remove the pre-prepared cabling, UTP cable, doorbell twin cable and power supply cable. Shorten the cables to 150 mm or less as required. Connect the doorbell twin cable or power supply cable to the connector provided. Crimp the RJ-45 connector onto the UTP cable. Take 2N® Indoor View and lean its bottom edge against the wall below the flush mounting box. First plug the green power/doorbell connector. Connect the LAN connector. Put the cables carefully in the pre-drilled 2N® Indoor View back slot to prevent them from blocking any horizontal levelling movement during the final installation stage. Insert 2N® Indoor View in the flush mounting box making sure that it clicks onto the levelling pins, The pins allow for a 5–6 ° inclination on either side for accurate horizontal levelling. Apply the box screw nuts with the hexagon key wrench provided. Level 2N® Indoor View with a water level and tighten the screws gently. Now 2N® Indoor View is ready for basic operation. 

2N® Indoor View consumption with variable power supplies:

Supply typeConsumption
PoE, IEEE 802.3af12 W
12 V / 1 A12 W


  • Do not connect any external power supply if PoE is used and vice versa.
  • If you use a power adapter other than the recommended one, do not exceed the 12 V rated supply voltage. Also check the supply voltage polarity. Higher voltage values or misconnections may result in an irreplaceable device damage.