2.4 Overview of Connectors

Connector Layout and Meanings

FXSAnalog line

Relay (refer to 5.7 Services / Signaling)

  • NO (Normally Open): contact that is open against the COM contact at relax. The relay is not activated.
  • COM: contact that switches between NO and NC after voltage is applied to the coil. 
  • NC (Normally Closed): contact that is connected with the COM contact at relax. The relay is activated.
INPUTShorting input. Not used for voltage connection.  

Used for connecting the device with the serial bus (in some controller types, e.g.).

  • TX: output from 2N® EasyGate IP.
  • RX: input to 2N® EasyGate IP.
  • GND: grounding.

A short press restarts the device. A long press (20 s) resets the device factory values.

USB Used for local access to the web interface settings via the 2N® EasyGate IP – 2N Web Configuration Utility.
SIM1Primary SIM card slot.
ANTENNA CONNECTORSMA antenna connector. For US version support there are two antenna connectors.
SIM2Secondary SIM card slot for primary SIM backup at signal loss.
POWERPower supply connector.
EXT BATTERYConnector for remote connection of 4 external NiMH batteries outside the device. Power is withdrawn from the external battery automatically in the case of an electrical power failure. Make sure that the internal batteries are removed before connecting external batteries!
O/IDevice on/off switch.