5.2.2 SIM2

The secondary SIM2 slot is used as the primary SIM1 backup at signal loss. When the SIM1 signal deteriorates or gets lost for more than 180 s (default value), all calls will be automatically forwarded via the SIM2 backup if available. Refer to Network / WWAN / Backup for parameter details.

  • SIM slot – enable/disable the SIM card function.
  • PIN
  • APN – parameter for Internet access setting. Check the correct APN value for the setting at your provider’s.
  • Authentication type – network authentication type.
  • Username – username for data connection.
  • Password – password for data connection.


  • We recommend that you change the PIN code on a regular basis to protect your data and use the SIM card safely.
  • For automatic SIM2 switch and backup, remember to enable the SIM slot function for SIM2 and enable the backup service in the Network / WWAN / Backup menu in
  • Data cannot be connected to the device unless the correct APN value is added.