5.2.3 VoLTE

The VoLTE folder helps you set the VoLTE service, which is used for forwarding calls via the VoLTE network. Make sure that this function is supported by your provider.

  • IMS – enable/disable call forwarding via LTE to the device.
  • IMS state – display the LTE call forwarding status.
  • Automatic MBN selection – enable the automatic setting of the provider’s profile. The profile list is displayed in the logs upon startup.
  • MBN profile name – set the provider’s profile name for the VoLTE function.
  • Internal MBN databaseallow the use of the 2N database for profile update.
  • MBN file – multi boot binary firmware, it is necessary to upload the MBN file supplied by the provider for the provider network identification.


  •  It is necessary to upload the MBN firmware supplied by your provider to 2N® EasyGate IP to make LTE call forwarding work.