C4 Integrated Security System C4


C4 is an integrated security system that provides a centralized multiuser solution for building security management. Developing an open modular system we make it possible to adjust your installation according to your requirements - from simple monitoring systems for a single building to robust, large enterprise solutions to monitor various security devices in multiple buildings, regardless of the distance between them. Just as your needs are always evolving, C4 also advances continuously, building and supporting the most innovative integrated software security solutions, empowering our customers to better protect and manage their people, property and assets.


Version 2

Supported features

  • Card Learning
  • Access Time Restriction
  • Holidays Support
  • Pin Management
  • Card Management
  • User management

Supported versions:

2NFirmware versionsC4 / TecomC4
2N IP Intercoms2.27 and higher(tick)
2N Access Unit2.27 and higher(tick)

Required licenses

2N: Enhanced Integration (Part No. 9137907, Axis Part No. 01378-001)

C4: Driver for 2N available on https://www.c4portal.com/Home.aspx


IntegrationManual EN

Certificate 2N & Gamanet EN

Version 1

 2N IP Intercom


Required licenses

  • Enhanced Integration for HTTP API access


English ManualCzech Manual

 Used Symbols

(tick) - Interoperable

(warning) - Work with limitation

(error) - Incompatible