5.8 Telephony / Dialing

The Telephony / Dialing folder helps you set the call dialing and outgoing call parameters.

  • Time to dial – define the timeout during which the device waits for further digits to be dialed. The device starts to establish connection when this timeout passes.
  • Outgoing Calls – set the outgoing call type:
    • Barred – outgoing calls are barred.
    • SIP, voice – combination of SIP and voice outgoing calls is allowed. Primarily, SIP calls are used. If SIP fails, voice calls are used. In case the device is not registered with the SIP, voice calls can be used for telephony.
    • Voice – voice outgoing calls are only allowed.
    • SIP – SIP outgoing calls are only allowed.


  • Voice calls are transmitted via VoLTE if available and allowed. If VoLTE is unavailable or disallowed, voice calls are transmitted via CS calls (GSM).